Testimonials from Dentists

I have been referring patients to John for their orthodontic problems for about five years now and in all that time I have never had any negative feedback from any of them.   John is very approachable and easy to talk to.   I get very thorough follow up letters from him outlining proposed treatment plans and when I see the results of his work, I am very impressed.   I have absolute confidence that he will look after any of my patients I send to him to a very high standard of professional care and that they will be pleased with the results of his treatment.   I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Julian Bell, Albany Dental Surgery

John and I have worked together on many cases since he started his practice in Takapuna.   I enjoy referring my patients to him as I often get positive feedback as to how much they like John and the way he explains their options to them.   I also like the summary I receive from John detailing what's going on for any particular patient which keeps me up to speed on the patient's situation.   I have referred John some complicated cases which when completed look great.   Thanks for your good work and your commonsense approach John - I appreciate it.

Matt Sumner, Accent Dental

I have had the pleasure of working with John Shennan since 2006 when he commenced practice in Takapuna.   We have shared care of patients requiring a range of surgical orthodontic procedures including extraction of teeth, exposure of unerupted teeth and correct of complex jaw discrepancies (orthognathic surgery).  In working with John I commend him for his considered treatment planning, attention to detail and a very personalised approach to patient care.

Peter Hill, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

I have been referring my patients to John for over seven years for all aspects of orthodontic treatment.   In this time from the initial referring to the final beautiful smile John and his team have provided great service and great results to my patients.

Andrea Clarke, Milford Dentists

I am a General Dentist, my favourite orthodontist is John Shennan, that is why I referred my daughter to have braces done by him.

Peter Manuson, Glenfield Family Dental

Testimonials from patients

John Shennan's work speaks for itself, my daughter's smile is perfect!  He is incredibly professional.  You and your child know where you are through the whole process.  His staff are lovely to deal with and we have recommended him to others, who have all come and had their children's teeth assessed and treated.  We couldn't be happier with the result.


John Shennan and North Shore Orthodontics (NSO) have been part of our family for the past 5 years.   Our third and youngest son is currently receiving treatment following on from both older brothers who have each received treatment there. Back in 2008 we were living in Melbourne and were 3 months out from moving back to NZ when our eldest son started having trouble with his teeth.  I contacted a few of my North Shore friends and 2 out of 3 of them gave me John's name - highly recommending him.  So I emailed him - I was a complete stranger, but John replied the very next day providing quality information succinctly and clearly, without any pressure on us to sign with him once we moved back.   We swapped further emails as he patiently answered more questions from me and not once would he accept any reimbursement for his time.   Since then he has been nothing but pleasant, thorough, professional and flexible both with financial repayment arrangements and with his orthodontic solutions - 2 of my sons did not want teeth extracted (the other one had no choice) and so John worked a solution around this wish and in both cases the outcome has been excellent.   John has also extended to us a generous 10% sibling discount for our 2nd and 3rd boys' treatments.   He makes every effort to get to know his clients, chatting to them during treatment about current events and their particular interests, and sharing some of himself along the way.   John's standards are high and he expects them in return - most especially clean teeth!  The staff at NSO are approachable and friendly, the rooms are pleasant and welcoming and very rarely is there a wait as John usually runs pretty much on time.


I hired John's services to be the Orthodontist looking after my son and daughters' teeth . John's service was simply great. He found a way to straighten their teeth and make their smiles shine without removing any teeth. His personalised and professional approach was exactly what my sensitive daughter needed. I would highlt recommend John to anyone.


We have had three of our children see John for orthodontic work. At all times he has been professional and our children have enjoyed the process due to his friendliness and care. He always keeps us well informed of his plan and progress. We are very satisfied clients.

Liz and Paul

Being 40 is not quite the norm, but my uneven teeth continued to bug me so much that I was starting to loose confidence in my smile. North Shore Orthodontics has given me back more than just my confidence. I have a great smile and am so prooud of it. Based on my treatment and experience, I would recommend North Shore Orthodontics to any 'non teen' who is thinking about having braces at a later stage in life. Dr John Shennan creates a friendly, professional environment with amazing results. John was always willing to offer options, and explain what he was doing - exactly the kind of reassurance I needed. More than happy to recommend.