Choosing Your Braces at North Shore Orthodontics

During your consultation appointment John will show and discuss a variety of brace types with you.

At North Shore Orthodontics we believe that the brace system chosen should be tailored to your exact needs, rather than using a 'one brace fits all' approach.

Below are some of the brace options offered at our Takapuna clinic.

Fixed Braces

Stainless steel self-ligating braces

Stainless steel metal braces are the most common type of braces to straighten teeth. John uses state of the art self-ligating braces which allow the teeth to move with maximium efficiency, and which may reduce treatment time by up to 4 months. Self-ligating braces are similar to the traditional fixed braces but are usually smaller and more aesthetic. Self-ligating braces also attract less plaque, reducing the chance of damaging the teeth.

Teenagers can still have fun choosing small coloured elastic rings to customise the look of their braces!


R_3quarter_open.jpg R_3quarter_closed.jpg


Ceramic 'tooth coloured' self-ligating braces

Ceramic braces are made from porcelain and are often requested by older teenagers or adults that are concerned about the appearance of braces on their teeth. Conventional ceramic braces need elastic ties to hold the wire in place, and these discolour in a matter of days, giving a 'dirty' look to the braces. Self-ligating ceramic braces do not require elastic ties, and therefore look much cleaner and less visible. To explore other invisble options, check out Invisalign clear aligners and totally invisible lingual braces

In-Ovation-C.png C_3quarter_open.jpg C_3quarter_closed_w-Shadow.jpg C_on_wire.jpg

Removable Braces

We also offer the full range of removable plates for simple treatments and Twin Block Functional Appliances to encourage jaw growth in young adolescent patients where appropriate. To see an example of Twin Blocks, visit our Smile Gallery.