The Orthodontic Process at North Shore Orthodontics, Takapuna

If you're looking to get braces, but unsure of the process, here's a helpful step-by-step guide of what you can expect when you see John and his team at North Shore Orthodontics.

Step 1: Your First Visit to North Shore Orthodontics

Your first appointment is a no-obligation initial consultation so that John can conduct a complete examination of your teeth, mouth, smile and profile. By the end of this visit you will have a good understanding of your orthodontic issues and broad options for treatment. Your first visit generally lasts for 30 minutes.

A visit to North Shore Orthodontics does not require a specific referral. Feel free to contact us at any time to schedule your first appointment.

Step 2: Records Appointment

At the Records appointment, digital photographs, moulds of your teeth and digital x-rays are taken. This information is used to formulate an individualised treatment plan to achieve that set of perfect teeth.

Step 3: Consultation

Once all of the records have been properly analysed, John will meet with you to discuss his recommended orthodontic treatment for you or your child, and all other treatment options that may be available for you to consider.

You will receive a comprehensive report, detailing the identified orthodontic issues, the treatment options discussed, and the recommended treatment plan. The report will include an estimate of the overall treatment duration, along with a written fee quote and payment options.

At North Shore Orthodontics we endeavour to cover all points of concern, but feel free to ask questions too!

Step 4: Fitting Braces

When everyone is happy with what has been discussed at the consultation, the next step is to have your braces or appliances fitted. The duration for this appointment will vary depending on what orthodontic treatment you have chosen, but generally, upper and lower braces take approximately 90 minutes to place.

The procedure is painless, though your teeth will start to ache a few hours afterwards. It is recommended to take some Nurofen or Panadol to ease the discomfort which will pass over the next few days.

Step 5: Adjustment Appointments

These appointments are 15 minutes long and take place every 6-8 weeks. During these appointments, John will examine your teeth and ensure that the teeth are moving into the correct positions.

Step 6: Taking Your Braces Off

This is the big day! The braces are removed and thin retaining wires are placed on the inside of the upper and lower front teeth to ensure these teeth stay in their finished positions. More moulds and photographs will be taken to record the final result. This mould will be used to create thin, clear removable retainers.

View our Smile Gallery to see smiles before and after braces.