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What Our Patients Say

Mark M

I don't suppose there are too many families who have all been through John's practice, this includes mum, dad, and the two sons.  John provided very considered advice for each member of the family, and this was particularly appreciated for the 'adults' dealing with ‘mid-life’ braces.  We found John and his team thorough professionals and I'd recommend them without hesitation; especially to those older patients considering or worrying about entering treatment.

Dave S

We are very happy with our choice of North Shore Orthodontics. From the outset and all the way throughout my son’s treatment, John was extremely professional and the result was amazing. We never felt he rushed the process and the regular progress reports kept us fully informed. John explained things clearly to my son and he knew exactly want was expected of him to get a great result. No hesitation at all to recommend highly.

Our daughter had orthodontic treatment for almost two years correcting a crossbite and two impacted teeth. In Dec 2019 around her 15th birthday, her braces came off and although we missed the rainbow coloured braces her "straight" smile was and is surely stunning! A gift for life! Thank you very much for the professional work and always clear communication! Pulling ("baby") teeth in preparation was a difficult move to make for me as a mum but I felt supported in not having to rush. We checked out three Orthodontists in the area and decided to go with John Shennan mainly because of recommendations by other parents and our dentist ("He's doing the best alignment work!"), but also the clear break-down of the timeline and cost.

Brigitte T

Corinne & Gerard

We were referred to John a few years ago for braces for our eldest daughter.  Right from the first meeting we knew we were in good hands.  He explained our options clearly and what his preference was for the best overall result.  The ongoing care and service we received over the 2 years was outstanding and when the braces were removed earlier this year the result was incredible. 

It was a no-brainer when we realised our youngest daughter looked likely to need braces also.  She had her braces put in over the July school holidays and he has been very flexible with times for us when he can. We can’t thank John and the team enough for the great service they’ve given, totally recommend.

John and his team are the definition of professionalism. He has assessed our daughter’s somewhat challenging case from every angle.  His natural humour managed her impatience and his considerable expertise problem solved to deliver a fantastic, enduring result.

Clare E

Don M

Dr John’s considerable experience meant that not only did he give Charlotte that perfect smile, he also made sure that her teeth were biting and chewing properly at the back.  John’s accurate initial assessment gave us a treatment that was timely, and effective.  Charlotte found the treatments easy to cope with and overall it was faster than we thought. 

Linda & Dave M 

Our fourteen year old daughter had an overbite and overlapping of her front teeth. After an in-depth examination, John identified what needed to be done, and the process to achieve it, explaining every step of the way. 

Our daughter responded really well to his treatment plan and only needed 12 months in braces. John has been meticulous in his care and quick to respond to any queries or concerns we've had during the process. Due to the very high standard of care and professionalism we have experienced at North Shore Orthodontics we have recommended John to many a friend.

Ben T

We cannot recommend John and his team highly enough.  The whole process from the initial consultation to the fitting and subsequent follow-up appointments, creation of a monthly payment plan etc was smooth and the results were outstanding.  And our son was able to continue playing rugby during treatment thanks to the special mouth guard created by John.  10 out of 10!

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